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For the past year, trapeze, otherwise known as bar pendants, have been gaining momentum with designers of fine jewelry. We first saw it with the East/West crosses, then infinity designs, and now we are seeing it with higher fashion items such as diamond trapeze necklaces. A writer with one of our trade publications had observed the growing popularity of this design at the Golden Globes awards this year. Many of the stars were wearing different versions of the trapeze necklace.

We have been adding to our own collection of this fashion trend. Our newest items were just put out on Friday, January 24th. We produced these designs to be elegant and yet something that can be worn often. I have made a nice curving trapeze necklace with 25 diamonds in 14kt white gold. This is pictured on this post, it has .27cttw and I used nicer SI2 to I1 clarity diamonds with G-H color. The secret to making a piece really stand out above other similar pieces is to use better materials. Even though the diamonds are .01ct in weight each, I used well cut bright diamonds that are not milky. This makes the entire piece come alive when it is worn.

Another piece is the East/West cross that we just finished in 14kt white gold. It also has a slight curve to it which make the piece lay on the neck better and gives it a little fashion contour. It also has 25 diamonds and uses the same quality of diamonds.

I am currently making a new trapeze style ring using a green tourmaline in the center. I have attached the computer image of this piece on this post as well. This ring was just cast on Friday in 14kt white gold. We will begin the process of diamond selection and setting next week. I anticipate possibly having it done by the 4th of February, just in time for Valentine’s day. The diamonds will be SI2 clarity and G-H in color, bright and white. They will contrast with the green tourmaline. It is a soft bluish-green, a very nice color. I will post photographs of it once I have it completed.

Again, if you have any requests or ideas for a trapeze necklace of your own, email me at I will be happy to make one for you. You can make these with alternating color and diamonds as well. Imagine the curved bar trapeze necklace with black and white diamonds or red rubies and diamonds alternating for something different.

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