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Michelle had a survey on our Facebook page last month asking which shape of diamond you wanted to see more of in jewelry this year. Well, after all of the votes were counted, emerald cut came out on top! So, I happened to have 3 loose emerald cut diamonds in my box and now I had a reason to make exclusive custom rings for them. Here is what I came up with for them.

First, I had a .57ct emerald cut diamond that I decided would be perfect in a halo style engagement ring. I did the halo in an emerald cut shape that matches the length and width ratio of the diamond. Then I decided to put diamonds up the band as well.

The second one is .42 carat. I am getting more bookings now for remounting customers diamonds into an East/West ring. This is one that has the center diamond going across the finger rather than up and down. I wanted this halo to be softer, so I made it a rectangular cushion shape with the diamonds outlining the emerald cut diamond. I also channel set the diamonds up the band of the ring to make everything as smooth as possible.

The third one weighs 1.10 carat. I wanted to add different elements to this one. So, I used a halo with larger diamond than I nomally use in it. Then I outlined the halo with antique style mill grain beads to give it a vintag look. Then I channel set the diamond down band to add a modern touch to it. It pulls all of it off perfectly. It is vintage and modern all in one ring.

I have a few more ideas for emerald cut diamonds which I will work on over then next couple of months. If you would like to talk to me about making you a ring or restyling a ring that you have now into a newer look, please call me at 276-676-3110 or email me at . I would be happy to give you ideas on what can be done. Custom jewelry is my business.

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