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Mark, Mike, and Travis are planning a “Make Your Own Wedding Band Workshop” for a Saturday in September.  This will be an intensive hands on workshop and will be an all day event.  Here is how it will work.

First, we will limit the number to 4 people.  This will be hands on, so you will learn how to soften metal, shape it into a ring, weld it, sleeve it with any inlay that you wish to use, apply different finishes, file it, polish it, and if necessary rhodium plate the white gold or silver.  The workshop will involve all old school techniques and will be held outside.  We will be in the garage of our Abingdon Main Street location.  There will be a tent in the driveway which will be our welding and polishing room.  We will have anvils, chasing tools, hammers, mandrels, pliers, files, cleaning supplies, saws, and a polishing motor.  Due to the intensive hands on training, we must limit this event to 4 people.

Mike Goodman is the head instructor.  Mark and Travis will assist you with each step as you learn it.  If you are uncomfortable with any step, we will perform it for you.  Lunch will be served and expect it to run from 9AM until 5 or 6PM.  We plan on making it a fun experience where you will learn some of the old world techniques to make a ring.  We will have emory sticks for sanding and smoothing, so it will be as much hand labor as possible.  If we need to laser weld or grind something on the wet sander, we will use the shop inside of the store for those steps. Otherwise plan on being outside.  If the weather forecast for our chosen Saturday looks bad, we will move it to the next Saturday.  However, with the garage and the tent, we will be able to conduct it with light drizzle, but not in a thunderstorm.

We will offer yellow, white, and rose gold as well as platinum, sterling silver and copper.  You can mix the metals if you want to make a two tone ring.  We will have 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt gold in the three colors. If you are under 18 years of age, I will need a parent or guardian’s permission for you to be in the shop.  We must meet with you at least 3 weeks or more before the workshop in order to discuss what you want to make and what materials we will need to have on hand for you to use.  Once we discuss what you want to make, I will quote you the cost of the materials.  The actual workshop will cost $200.00 for the day plus the materials you will need to make the ring.  We may be able to set a gemstone in the band.  However, we won’t have time to make a band with lots of gemstones as setting is very labor intensive and something that we can’t teach you in a one day workshop.

These are pictures of a wedding band that we made recently for a client.  It is hand made using three different pieces of sterling silver and a sheet of copper.  This is just an example of what you can make during this workshop.  If you don’t want a rustic look, we can make it smooth and polished.  You can use yellow gold instead of sterling silver and use white gold as the center.  Or it can be all one color, the choice is yours.

If you would like to register for our workshop or if you want more information, call me at 276-676-3110 or email me at

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