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Michelle and I have been very fortunate to have operated our jewelry business in Abingdon for 25 years. Time has flown by and over those years we have continued to transform our business in order to handle our client’s needs. Twenty-five years ago, our hot sellers were yellow gold herringbone necklaces, yellow gold charms, yellow gold nugget jewelry, and yellow gold earrings. Now, our primary business is white gold, platinum, custom jewelry, and bridal. In 1988, most people came into the store and purchased what we had on display. In 2013, 40% of our business is custom built jewelry and speciality services. This area of our business is growing, and I hope to have custom and speciality services over 50% of our business within 2 years.

As a custom jeweler that offers conceirge services, i work with clients that either want something of better quality or original design. We also work with clients that are not able to find a certain quality of colored gemstone or a certain look. As such, we use our many contacts in the manufacturing jewelry industry to build just the right item. Many of our newer customers do not know that we have been involved in jewelry manufacturing for over 25 years. My brother, Mikel, was one of the first jewelers in our region to cast his own product. Now, we work with one of the finest casters that I have ever seen in New York City. We have it down to an art, but we are always trying to improve it. We can cast almost any color of gold in any karat from 10kt up, as well as platinum and palladium.

The photographs on this posting show our holiday party which took place on November 21st. It was an invitation event. We had lots of food and desserts, as well as drink. We showcased a few of our speciality services at this event. We had almost 40 exotic colored gemstones on exhibit at this event. We had a Paraiba tourmaline at $40,000.00. I also had a wonderful imperial topaz at $10,000.00 as well as several high end Ceylon sapphires and Burmese rubies at $10,000.00 and up. I also had several custom cut colored gemstone slices. If you go back a few postings, you will see a custom made emerald and diamond slice pendant which we made for the March of Dimes Chef Auction. We had a 50 carat emerald slice, a wonderful 80 carat aquamarine slice, as well as a Paraiba tourmaline slice. Beautiful gems in all hues of color. If you are considering a nicer colored gemstone for this holiday, I invite you to email me or call me with your request. I will work very hard to find you just the right gemstone at very affordable pricing. Most of these exotics are not usually carried in my store due to the fact that everyone wants something different. Therefore, I usually begin with a consultation to see what you want, and then I proceed to find just the right item if it is available at this time.

Another service which I have written about previously regards our concierge services. I sold three never worn new Rolex watches last week. As I stated before, I am not a Rolex dealer, but I work with brokers to find just the right watch. It can be never worn with the box or reconditioned pre-owned which will still look practically new in most instances. I delivered the watches and adjusted them to their wrists after hours. As a personal custom jeweler, my job is to make buying fine quality jewelry an experience. Most jewelry shoppers will never know that level of service and most tend to buy the mass produced products made abroad. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just a different level of shopping than what I aspire to offer you here at our store.

Please feel free to email me at or Michelle at for any requests that you may have in fine jewelry services. You may also call us at 276-676-3110. Appointments are recommended if you wish to come in and discuss a custom piece or a remount item.

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